LEMENE project in short


Energy Self-Sufficient Lempäälä is a project of Lempäälän Energia Ltd. It has been chosen as one of eleven key projects concerning renewable energy and new technology in 2017. As a key project, Energy Self-Sufficient Lempäälä has been granted an investment aid from The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE). The key projects focus on future energy solutions so that Finland can achieve its national targets and those laid down at EU level for 2030.

The project objective is to create an energy self-sufficient business district. It is located in Marjamäki industry area in the municipality of Lempäälä. The energy is going to be produced using renewable energy sources, such as solar power and biogas. There will be a 4 MW solar power plant (2 MW + 2 MW), gas engine capacity of 8,1 MW, and fuel cell solutions providing a total of 130 kW.

This key project serves as an exceptional opportunity to explore how a larger scale smart grid acts and functions in the current electricity market. In addition, the energy self-sufficient district offers a fruitful and interesting environment for research and development for businesses and learning institutions. The project already participates in three research projects — Social Energy-Prosumer Centric Energy Ecosystem (PROCEM), Finnish Solar Revolution, and Heila — lead by Finnish Universities.





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