About the project


Renewable energy sources, alternative electrical energy production methods and the latest technologies will be utilized in the LEMENE project. The energy is going to be produced mainly using solar power and gases, e.g. biogas. There will be a centralized energy storage to mitigate fluctuations in energy production, and thus secure the power balance in the area. Local energy production will enhance security of energy supply in Marjamäki area. CHP (combined heat and power) technology will be utilized, meaning that most of the thermal energy of waste heat will be recovered for heating.

In the energy area there will be 4 MW of solar power (2MW + 2 MW plants), gas engine capacity of 8,1 MW, fuel cell solutions providing a total of 130 kW, and a battery to even out temporary fluctuations in energy production. The LEMENE project also includes setting up DC streetlights in the area.   

The electrical grid will be executed as a smart grid, meaning that a variety of smart technologies will work with the grid to respond to changing electric demand. An important part of the project is to secure energy availability as renewable energy production varies. The energy self-sufficient grid operates mainly as part of the public electrical grid but it can also operate as a supporting reserve system for the public electrical grid, or as an independent off-grid, on demand. All this is enabled by automation solutions adapted to the micro-grid.

The Marjamäki industrial area is located along one of the country's busiest highways, national road 3, which connects the capital city Helsinki to Vaasa via Tampere, and Lempäälä. The Marjamäki area is about 300 hectares, from which 30 hectares are for sale for business activity. There are already more than 300 operating businesses in Marjamäki area, and growing.

There's an adjustable area plan with different kinds of building lots available in Marjamäki. There are some ready-made business premises, and also new ones are being built all the time. For more information on building lots in Marjamäki area, please feel free to contact Lempäälä Development's customer manager Timo Mikkonen (+358 40 133 7913) (firstname.lastname at lempaala.fi).


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