Lempäälän Energia and Siemens signed an agreement on deliveries to the LEMENE project

Press release 7.2.2018


Siemens and Lempäälän Energia are building an intelligent and energy self-sufficient environment. The LEMENE project is a key project of energy technology at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Lempäälän Energia Ltd has signed an agreement with Siemens AG for supplying intelligent medium voltage network, network automation system and electrical storage to Marjamäki area.

Lempäälän Energia implements a self-contained smart energy system in Marjamäki, a small-scale industrial district by a highway close to Tampere. In the new operating model, operators entering the industrial area can join the decentralized energy system and also actively participate in the electricity market. The intelligent system has the ability to flexibly participate in a different markets and, if necessary, the energy system is also capable of running as an autonomous island.

- The project guarantees the sufficiency of electric power throughout the year by utilizing, among other things, renewable energy sources. It's great that now our business cooperation will deepen further. In Marjamäki, companies are offered a completely new environmentally sound operating environment, says Toni Laakso, CEO of Lempäälän Energia Ltd.

- This is a unique implementation in the world on such a large scale. The latest technology solutions are implemented to balance and secure energy production in the area, adds Jussi Mäntynen, Division Director of Siemens AG Energy Division.


For more information:
Jussi Mäntynen
Siemens AG
Division Director, Energy
p. +358 50 469 7707, jussi.mantynen@siemens.com

Left to right: Mari Halava (Siemens), Jussi Mäntynen (Siemens), Toni Laakso (Lempäälän Energia), Saana Raatikainen (Lempäälän Energia)

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