District heat production & heat plants

We produce district heat locally using a renewable form of biomass-based production. We use renewable solid fuels such as wood chips, sawdust, briquettes and cutter. With these biofuels, we are capable of annually generating approximately 60 GWh of district heating, covering about 75% of the total district heating energy produced in the Lempäälä area.

District heat production

Lempäälän Energia produces district heat with two heating plants for the Sääksjärvi and central district heating networks. With the LEMENE system, we produce district heat for the Marjamäki district heating network. We also provide heat to the schools in Kelho, Mattila, Nurmi and Säijä. The schools also use solid fuels to produce heat.

As the heat production method, bubbling fluidized-bed boiler (BFB) is used. The boiler can utilize various solid bio-based fuels. Sand in the boiler is fluidized with so-called primary air, which is blown from below the sand. Fuel is fed to the fluidized sand bed, continuously mixing with the sand, resulting in an efficient combustion event. The combustion process’s resulting flue gases are cleaned in a flue gas washer, where heat energy from the hot gases is also recovered. The district heating water circulating in the boiler is heated as a result of the process and pumped into the district heating network for customers to use.

Viialantie heating plant

At the Viialantie heating plant, which was commissioned in 2018, district heating is produced for Lempäälä’s central district heating network. Renewable solid fuels, including wood chips and sawdust, are used in heat production. The plant is equipped with a flue gas washer, which is used to clean flue gases and recover heat energy.

  • Produces approximately 43 GWh/year of district heating.
  • Boiler power 7 MW.
  • Flue gas washer power 1 MW.

Varastotie heating plant

Commissioned in 2013, the Varastotie heating plant produces district heating for the Sääksjärvi district heating network. Renewable solid fuels are used in heat production.

  • Produces approximately 16 GWh/year of district heating.
  • Power 4 MW.

District heating emissions calculator

Lempäälän Energia’s district heating production is included in the total amount of district heating supplied by Lempäälän Lämpö.

Of the district heating supplied by Lempäälän Lämpö, 75% is produced using by products from the sawmill industry and forest residues. We also utilize industrial waste heat in our district heating production.

The energy efficiency of this environmentally friendly form of heating is achieved, using otherwise wasted heat energy, such as that generated in electricity production and waste heat from industrial processes.

Picture: Paikallisvoima, district heating emissions calculator. From the emissions calculator maintained by Paikallisvoima, you can determine the carbon dioxide emissions and emission coefficients of the district heating supplied by Lempäälän Lämpö.

Responsible and efficient energy use

The municipality of Lempäälä promotes environmental responsibility and invests in energy self-sufficiency. In 2009, Lempäälä Lämpö joined the municipal energy efficiency agreement for the period 2017-2025, with an energy savings target of at least 6% for 2017-2025. As a member of the Lempäälä municipal group, we are contributing to building an energy-efficient Finland.