Green, renewable energy production for customers needs

Lempäälän Energia is a local, professional and innovative energy production company. We produce district heat with bio-based fuels and work as the operator of the LEMENE energy system.

Lempäälän Energia Oy

Lempäälän Energia Oy is an energy production company and the operator of the Marjamäki area’s Lemene energy system. We produce district heating using biomass-based production methods in two different heat plants. Electricity is generated using solar power and a combined production method that also produces heat in addition to electricity. The produced electricity supports the Nordic electrical grid, and with industrial-scale battery systems, we participate in balancing national power grid consumption and production.

District heat

We produce district heat locally using a renewable form of biomass-based production. Renewable solid materials such as wood chips and sawdust are being used as fuel.


LEMENE is a self-sufficient energy system that produces district heating energy and electricity through combined heat and power, as well as solar power generation. We participate in the Nordic electricity markets. Industrial-scale batteries balance electricity grid consumption and production, enabling participation in reserve markets.